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High Availability and System Security are at the core of everything we do. All support requests are processed by a CompTIA certified IT Support Technician.

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Disclaimer: GR Host is migrating from Discord to Slack for Live Chat Support available Monday - Friday 10am to 4pm MST. All secured communication should occur via email. Please whitelist …

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Terms of Service - Read our agreement on hosted content and resource utilization.

Privacy Policy - Read how we collect and use your data. Plot-twist, we do not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Domain Registrar do you reccomend?

A1: Google Domains or PorkBun

Q2: Why don’t you offer email?

A2: We simply do not have the expertise. We do not offer products or solutions we cannot fully back? Privacy seekers may like ProtonMail.

Q3: Who is your Data Center provider?

A3: GR Host is a value-added reseller of Linode

Q4: Why is your site ugly?

A4: Same reason we do not offer design services, its not what we are great at! Maybe one day!!

More to come.

Data Center Locations

  1. Fremont, California (us-west)
  2. Dallas, Texas (us-central)
  3. Atlanta, Georgia (us-southeast)
  4. Newark, New Jersey (us-northeast)
  5. Toronto, Canada (can-central)
  6. London, England (eu-west)
  7. Frankfurt, Germany (eu-central)
  8. Singapore (ap-south)
  9. Mumbai, India (ap-west)
  10. Tokyo, Japan (ap-northeast)
  11. Sydney, Austrllia (ap-southeast)

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Our Limitations

Below you will find an incomprensive list of services we do not offer or officially support…

  1. No Email server hosting. Please checkout ProtonMail instead.
  2. No Professional Web Designer on staff.

Company 2023 Road Map

  1. Redevelop Business Model and Plan
  2. Hire a Web Designer
  3. Develop an End-User Interface
  4. Develop a Dynamic DNS Client
  5. Support End-User(s) mutli-site management panel
  6. Apply for SOC II Complaiance certification
  7. Apply for PCI Compliance certification
  8. Expand storage offerings
  9. Expand Domain Registration offerings
  10. Expand CDN offerings